Bad Credit? Offering Guaranteed Approval on Secured Credit Cards

We offer secured credit cards with guaranteed approval even if you have a poor credit rating. Visa, Bank of America, Capital One, Centennial, MasterCard, First Progress, OpenSky and Chase available. There is no bank account, security deposit or employment verification required.

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These are pre-paid guaranteed approval credit cards. Do you have bad credit score, but want to build your rating back to great? Get a secured credit card that fits your needs in this experience. Your credit rating does not have to be 'poor' or 'bad'. You can fix your rating by obtaining the secured credit card to meet your purchasing needs.


Apply for a credit card to meet your personal financial needs, giving you the power to purchase online, while traveling, and wherever charge cards are accepted. If you have never had an unsecured credit card before, or if your credit has been slipping now is the time to start improving the state of your finances for a solid future. Your personal credit lines are important in meeting your every day and continued emergency needs.


The major difference between a secured card and a regular credit card is that you need to pre-fund your account before you can receive your Visa or Mastercard. Receive instant approval and increase your credit limit by adding more money to your secured card. Are past concerns keeping you from getting a good credit card? Rebuilding your good credit is easy with a secured card which reports your monthly payment history to the major bureaus. If you have ever been turned down by a lender or a credit card company, then this is the type of card for you. No credit checks are required in order to be approvded.


We also have cards with no annual membership fee (once your credit improves) with low interest credit cards, rewards and benefits. Search through the many low interest credit cards that are currently available for you with competitive rates and great rewards. Let us find the Secured Card for Bad Credit that is best for your situation. Plus review information and recommendations regarding platinum rewards cards and secured credit cards. Find cards with the best reward programs along with low interest rates, no annual fee and guaranteed approval.